The PHANSMER project group is diversifying our project. We are not only critiquing existing ways that food and drink is provided to spectators, but also exploring other ways of doing so.

Betty Jackson, a researcher in the group, recently attended the 2017 World Indigenous Games in Canada, where more 2,000 athletes from 30 countries to celebrate indigenous culture. There Betty sampled a wide variety of food and drink, and had the opportunity to interview Chef Shane Chartrand, who hosted and curated an event focusing on indigenous cuisine.

thumbnail_schartrandfinal (5 of 7)

Shane discusses the need for more nutritious food in indigenous communities, the potential for change by sports event organisers. Given the failure of Rio 2016 and Euro 2016 to offer healthy and nutritious food and drink, it is clear there is a need to radically rethink the typical ultra-processed environment of sport event sites.

You can click on the link below to see Shane and Betty discuss the major issue of providing healthy food and drink, especially to young people.

Thank you to both Shane and Betty.

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